Accuspec products meet all Mil-Spec government standards for use in preservation and protection against environmental corrosion and deterioration, physical damage, mechanical damage, and other forms of degradation during storage, multiple handling, and shipment associated with the military distribution system. Accuspec starts all projects with only the best materials to ensure superior protection. We are an official converter of Cadpak qualified materials. We work with you to create compliant packaging at a price competitors can’t beat.

  • Clear polyethylene and nuclear green polyethylene
  • Barrier blankets
  • Shop sheets and roll stock
  • Standard and special features
  • Any size bag and quantity
  • Guaranteed hermetic heat seals
  • Desiccants, humidity plugs, and cards
Performance Specification
  • Bags
  • Film foil and paper
  • Desiccants and humidity indicator cards (HIC)
  • Barrier blankets
  • Roll stock


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