Barrier Blankets

  • Short on time? Most orders out in 24 hours!
  • Have multiple machines and skid sizes to cover? 
  • Are pre-fabricated covers not working?
  • We custom sizes and materials!

Over-sized Shrouds, Blankets and Bags

Drastically reduce fabrication labor on a job site, or at your facility. All heatBlankets with hands seals made by Accuspec Packaging are created in a clean manufacturing environment using electronically temperature controlled, pneumatically actuated, assuring that all welds are hermetic. Barrier Blankets are produced to accommodate any size asset, from auto engines to entire aircraft.

  • Export and preservation packaging
  • Individually sized to shipment
  • Available for rapid shipment
  • Easily unrolled and installed
  • All Barrier Bags come with certificates of compliance
  • Volume discounts are available

Stock Barrier Blankets are manufactured using MIL-PRF-131K Barrier Material:

  • 10 Foot Barrier Blanket – 16′ x 10′
  • 25 Foot Barrier Blanket – 16′ x 25′
  • 50 Yard Barrier Blanket – 16′ x 150′
  • 100 Yard Barrier Blanket – 10′ x 10′
  • or any size needed in most mil-spec material


Sealed with a pneumatic heat sealer and hand folded for over-sized items